Tips and Tricks Command (Help Menu)

This feature only supports the Quartus® Prime Standard Edition. You open this advisor by clicking Tips and Tricks on the Help menu.

Opens Tips & Tricks,which are guides to assist you with new or unfamiliar features of the Quartus® Prime software. Each item in Tips & Tricks displays a window with a Recommendation, Description, and Action.

  • Recommendation— The Quartus® Prime software feature or option.
  • Description— Describes the feature or option and provides a link to pertinent Help topics about that feature.
  • Action— Describes the settings for the feature or option and provides a link to the settings page for that feature.

Tips & Tricks provides information about options and features in the following categories:

  • Quartus® Prime Features— This category features suggestions for new or useful features.
  • Software Options— This category lists options controlling how the Quartus® Prime software operates at a global level.
  • Project Settings— This category lists options affecting only the project currently open.