Understanding LogicLock® Plus Region Assignments

Assigning Entities and Nodes to LogicLock® Plus Regions

When you assign an entity to a LogicLock® Plus region, the assignment is inherited by all lower-level entities and nodes contained in that entity. You can assign an entity to a parent LogicLock® Plus region and assign one of its sub-entities or nodes to another child LogicLock® Plus region. The parent region should completely contain the child region.
Note: If the parent and child regions overlap, the software issues a warning. If the parent region does not contain or overlap the child region, the software issues an error.

Assigning Carry Chains, Cascade Chains, and Cliques to LogicLock® Plus Regions

Carry chains, cascade chains, and cliques can cross LogicLock® Plus region boundaries. For example, you can assign two carry chain nodes to different LogicLock® Plus regions.