Shapes tab

The Shapes tab allows you to adjust the height, width, and origin for the LogicLock® Plus region's placement and routing.
  • Routing type—allows you to select the routing type for the routing region. LogicLock® Plus region supports the following routing types:
    • Unconstrained—the LogicLock® Plus region does not have a routing region constraint.
    • Whole chip—allocates the entire chip for the routing region.
    • Fixed with expansion—allows you to specify an expansion length for the routing region. For example, an expansion length of 2 creates a routing region that is two units larger, in all directions, than the placement region.
    • Custom—allows you to manually add a custom routing region and set the Height, Width, and Origin.

    Note: The routing region must fully contain the placement region.
  • Assignments LogicLock® Plus Region Shapes shows the dimensions and origin described in the Quartus® Prime Settings File (.qsf) for the region. The software uses these constraints the next time you compile.
  • Compilation LogicLock® Plus Region Shapes shows the dimensions and origin defined during the last compile.
    Note: Turn on the Show compilation placement and routing shape tables to view these settings.

The assignments and compilation settings differ when you refine your floorplan by adjusting the LogicLock® Plus regions and assignments.