Generating Boundary-Scan Description Language Output Files with the Quartus® Prime Software

This feature only supports the Quartus® Prime Standard Edition. You can generate Boundary-Scan Description Language File (.bsd) Definition in the Quartus® Prime software for designs targeting the StratixIV device family.

To generate a BSDL file:

  1. On the Assignments menu, click Settings.
  2. In the Category list, select Board-Level under EDA Tool Settings.
  3. In the Board-level boundary scan box, select BSDL from the Format list.
  4. Type or browse to the location you want to use as the output directory for the BSDL File. The default location is <project directory>/board/bsd.
  5. Select either Pre-configuration BSDL file or Post-configuration BSDL file.
  6. To generate the BSDL File, compile the design.

You can also use the Create Board-Level Boundary-Scan File command to create a BSDL file prior to creating a design.