New SDC File Command (TimeQuest Timing Analyzer)

You access this command by clicking New SDC File on the File menu in the TimeQuest Timing Analyzer.

Opens the Quartus® Prime Text Editor, where you can create a new Synopsys Design Constraints File (.sdc) Definition. The Quartus® Prime Text Editor provides line numbering, syntax coloring, and calltips. You can enter timing constraints and exceptions directly, or specify them with theInsert Constraintcommand.

  • The TimeQuest analyzer does not apply constraints and exceptions specified in the Quartus® Prime Text Editor until you use the Read SDC File command.
  • If you work with a design using a previous SDC File, and then create a new one, to have the TimeQuest analyzer re-read the SDC constraints, first use the Reset Design command, and then the Read SDC File command.