Quartus II Settings File (.qsf)


The Quartus II Settings File (.qsf) contains all of the project-wide and entity-level assignments and settings for the current revision of the project. A separate Quartus II Settings File exists for each individual revision. The Quartus II Settings File syntax is based on Tcl script syntax.

When you create assignments and settings using the Quartus II wizards and dialog boxes or Tcl commands, the Quartus II software automatically places the assignment at the end of the Quartus II Settings File. If you modify the Quartus II Settings File directly, any assignments you create are recognized, regardless of where in the file you place them.

All text in the Quartus II Settings File preceded by a pound symbol (#) is considered to be a comment and is not processed. Any comments you create maintain the same relative position in the file when you make changes; comments associated with specific assignments may move when you make changes to assignments. The comments remain even if you delete the associated assignment, and the Quartus II software does not delete or change comments when the design is processed

The following commands are used to create the following types of assignments:

The following options are used to define the assignments.

When creating assignments, you can call assignments from other Quartus II Settings Files using the source keyword and the Quartus II Settings File name you want to call. Using the source keyword allows you to use assignments from any other Quartus II Settings File without having to import the assignments or transfer them to the current Quartus II Settings File. Any assignment called from another Quartus II Settings File takes precedence over assignments read before the source line in the current Quartus II Settings File. For example, the file chiptrip.qsf uses the source keyword to import assignments from new_assignments.qsf:




set_global_assignment -name top_level_entity chiptrip
set_global_assignment -name family max7000b
source new_assignments.qsf

set_global_assignment -name device auto


After compilation the assignments in new_assignments.qsf are processed as if they were in the file chiptrip.qsf, but the assignments are not copied into chiptrip.qsf.


Note: Altera recommends using relative paths when creating assignments and settings that require file name information. Absolute paths do not always transfer properly across different platforms and directories.


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