Set Clock Groups Dialog Box (set_clock_groups)

You access this dialog box by clicking Set Clock Groups on the Constraints menu in the TimeQuest Timing Analyzer.


Allows you to specify which clocks in the design are unrelated.

The TimeQuest analyzer analyzes all clocks in a design as related, by default. The Set Clock Groups dialog box (and the set_clock_groups SDC command) allows you to specify unrelated clocks by creating smaller groups of related clocks.

Asynchronous clocks (-asynchronous) are completely unrelated: they have different ideal clock sources. Exclusive clocks (-exclusive) are not active at the same time, such as multiplexed clocks. The TimeQuest analyzer treats both types of clocks as if they were the same.

Specifying settings in this dialog box is equivalent to setting the set_false_path command for paths from each clock domain in every group to each clock domain in every other group. Specifying a single -group option results in the TimeQuest analyzer cutting this group of clocks from all other clocks in the design, including clocks that you might define in the future.

The following sections provide more information about specifying options for this constraint:


ExpandGroup 1 (-group):

ExpandGroup 2 (-group):



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