Triple-Rate SDI Reference Design


You can use the Arria® II GX Triple-Rate SDI reference design to accelerate the implementation of broadcast studio equipment such as video switcher-router, video server, and headend. This reference design demonstrates the Arria II GX capability on handling multi-rate uncompressed video with its built-in serializer/deserializer (SERDES) and clock data recovery (CDR).

Intel supplies the reference design as clear-text Verilog, except for the SDI MegaCore® function.


  • SDI MegaCore function triple-standard transmitter
  • SDI MegaCore function triple-standard duplex
  • SDI MegaCore function triple-standard receiver
  • Loopback FIFO buffer
  • Phase frequency detector
  • Pattern generator
  • Reconfiguration control logic
Figure 1. Triple-Rate SDI Reference Design Block Diagram

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