Zylin Consulting

Zylin AS specializes in Nios® II-based embedded systems development on Altera® FPGAs. Zylin offers products and consulting services in the following areas:

  • Nios II-based designs
    • From requirement definition to full product implementation, Zylin can help bring Nios II-based products to market sooner
  • eCos for the Nios II processor
  • Windows and Linux development support
  • Open source software integration
    • Professional services to help integrate open-source software to eCos-based applications running on the Nios II processor
  • Device driver development
    • Create and enhanced eCos device drivers for Altera® and third-party intellectual property (IP)
  • Migrate embedded designs to utilize the Nios II processor
    • Expertise in FPGA-based development to help migrate embedded designs to an Altera FPGA with the Nios II processor
  • Download an eCos demo for the Nios II processor

Contact Information

For additional information, contact Zylin at:

URL: www.zylin.com/contact.html