GoFast Floating Point Libraries for Nios II Processors

Micro Digital's GoFast floating point libraries for Nios® II processors deliver high-performance floating point calculations for embedded, real-time systems. Specifically designed for embedded applications, GoFast delivers for any application where floating point performance is critical to an application's success.

The GoFast libraries are ANSI C compatible and directly replace the GNU C/C++ compiler's floating point library. Designers can achieve a 3 to 6x performance increase using GoFast (versus the GNU libraries).


  • Fast
  • Re-Entrant
  • "ROM-Able"
  • Conforms to IEEE 754
  • "Link & Go" Compiler Support for GNU C/C++ Compiler
  • Includes Startup Code
  • Includes Complete Source, Test Program & Make Files


GoFast supports re-entrant floating point calculations for the GNU C compiler. GoFast includes the
following routines for both single and double precision in library format:

  • Intrinsic basic operations: + - * /
  • Instrinsic conversions
  • sqrt
  • sin, cos, tan
  • asin, acos, atan, atan2
  • sinh, cosh, atanh
  • log, log10, exp, pow
  • floor, ceils, fabs
  • modf, fmod, frexp, ldexp

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