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Lauterbach is the largest manufacturer of emulators and debuggers worldwide. Founded in 1979, the company has more than 30 years of experience in embedded microprocessor designs and development tools.

Lauterbach TRACE32 Debugger for the Nios II Processor

The Lauterbach TRACE32 family of modular microprocessor development tools supports the Nios® II embedded processor. Supported feature highlights are as follows:

Key Elements for Lauterbach TRACE32 Debug Environment

  • TRACE32 PowerDebug—A cost-effective JTAG debugger probe that works in tandem with the Nios II debug core to enable debugging of Nios II based embedded systems
  • Trace Extension—By enabling the off-chip tracing option on the Nios II processor, you can use TRACE32 PowerTrace to add advanced real-time trace functionalities to your debugging capabilities
  • Download Instruction Set Simulator (ISS)—Free download for the Nios II processor, a valuable tool for developing a Nios II based system without the need for actual target hardware
  • TRACE32 PowerView—Flexible debug IDE user interface common to Trace32 PowerDebug, PowerTrace, and ISS
  • Operating system (OS) support —Provides OS kernel-aware debugging support for many operating systems that run on the Nios II processor
  • Kernel debugging support for Linux—Ideal tool for bringing up Linux kernel-based applications on custom Nios II based hardware
  • Advanced debugging support for Wind River Linux—PowerView offers advanced debugging features for Wind River Linux 2.0 for the Nios II embedded processor:
    • Wind River Linux kernel awareness
    • Kernel debugging (KGDB) over the Nios II JTAG interface
    • Application debugging over JTAG or serial interface

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