Mentor Graphics Nucleus Products for the Nios II Processor


The Eclipse-based Nucleus EDGE integrated development environment (IDE) and the royalty-free Nucleus RTOS software give Nios® II processor users a comprehensive development environment in which to configure software. This total development environment allows you to better manage and build multicore applications such as wireless broadband, Wi-Fi, cellular infrastructure, wireline, industrial control, automotive, and medical.

The Nucleus EDGE support for Nios II processors includes the ability to automatically configure the Nucleus RTOS software using the Altera® Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL). As a result, the Nucleus RTOS software can be adjusted to any hardware changes that you might make using Altera’s SOPC Builder system-level development tool. This is especially valuable during the earlier design phases when hardware may change frequently.


Nucleus EDGE is state-of-the-art embedded software development and debug technology based on the Eclipse framework that includes features such as:

  • Local history for easily finding changes to your source
  • Syntax highlighting for easy-to-read coding
  • C, C++, and assembly support
  • Open and extensible environment
  • Simultaneous display of multiple files
  • Compiler toolsets plug-in
  • Drag-and-drop files

The Nucleus PLUS real-time operating system software is proven in millions of shipped devices and has features such as:

  • Well-documented source code, user guides, and internals manual
  • Deterministic performance
  • Small memory footprint and minimal CPU overhead
  • Extensible services
  • Royalty-free

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