RLDRAM II Controller Core

from Northwest Logic, Inc.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Figure 1 shows the block diagram for the megafunction.

Figure 1. Block Diagram for the Megafunction

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Northwest Logic's RLDRAM II Controller intellectual property (IP) core is designed for use in applications requiring high memory throughput, high clock rates, and full programmability.

The core has been optimized to take advantage of the fast random cycle and fast access times available with RLDRAM II. The core supports both common and separate data buses and multiplexed and non-multiplexed addressing.

The core accepts commands using a simple local interface and translates them to the command sequences required by RLDRAM II devices. The core also performs all initialization and refresh functions.

The core is provided with run-time programmable inputs for all memory timing parameters and configuration settings. This ensures compatibility with all RLDRAM II configurations.

Add-on cores such as a multiport front-end and reorder core can be optionally delivered with the core. The core is deiivered fully integrated and verified with the target DDR PHY. Northwest Logic supports a broad range of third party and its own soft DDR PHY. Contact Northwest Logic for more information.

Northwest Logic also provides IP core customization services. Contact Northwest Logic for a quote.

  • Achieves high clock rates with minimal routing constraints
  • Achieves minimal latency via parameterized pipelining
  • Supports full rate and half-rate clock operation
  • Provides full run-time configurable timing parameters and memory settings
  • Provides full set of add-on cores available
  • Delivered fully integrated and verified with target DDR PHY
  • Minimal ASIC gate count
  • Supports all Altera® FPGAs
  • Provides source code
  • Provides customization and Integration services

Contact Northwest Logic.

  • Core (netlist or source code)
  • Testbench (source code)
  • Complete documentation
  • Expert technical support and maintenance updates

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