QDR II SRAM Controller Intel® FPGA IP

The QDR II SRAM Controller Intel® FPGA IP function provides an easy-to-use interface to QDR II SRAM modules. The QDR II SRAM Controller ensures that the placement and timing are in line with QDRII specifications.

  • Support for QDR II and QDR II+ SRAMs
    • Support for burst of two and four memory type
    • Support for 8 bit, 18 bit, and 36 bit QDRII SRAM interfaces
  • Flexible and robust design
    • Support for two-times and four-times data width on the local side (four-times for burst of four only)
    • Automatic concatenation of consecutive reads and writes (narrow local bus width mode only)
    • Intellectual property (IP) functional simulation models for use in VHDL and Verilog HDL simulators supported by Intel
    • Easy-to-use IP Toolbench interface and example design
    • Support for Intel® FPGA IP Evaluation Mode

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