O-RAN Fronthaul Interface

The Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN WG4 Fronthaul Interface) defines a fronthaul interface between a lower-layer split O-RAN distributed unit (O-DU) and O-RAN radio unit (O-RU) in an Evolved Universal Terrestrial Access Network (E-UTRAN) and next-generation Radio Access Network (NG-RAN) system with a lower layer functional split-7-2x based architecture.


  • Support for CAT-A RU (up to 8 spatial streams)
  • Support for CAT-B RU (precoding in RU)
  • Bandwidth saving:
    • Programmable static bit-width fixed-point IQ
    • Real-time variable bit-width
    • Compressed IQ
    • Block floating-point compression
    • μ-law compression
    • Variable bit-width per channel (per data section)
    • Static configuration of U-plane IQ format and compression header
  • Transmission blanking energy savings
  • Preconfigured transport delay method CU–RU timing
  • Section type 0 and type 1

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