Interlaken Intel® FPGA IP

Interlaken Interconnect Protocol

Interlaken is an interconnect protocol for high-speed, channelized chip-to-chip interface in networking applications. It is optimized for high-bandwidth chip-to-chip packet transfers at rates from 10 Gbps to 300 Gbps and beyond. The Interlaken IP core is Interlaken Protocol Definition v1.2 compliant and allows system developers to achieve high bandwidth throughput in their systems. This pre-built, ready-to-go IP building block shortens the design cycle resulting in faster time to market.

Intel FPGA Interlaken IP core is ideal for:

  • Multi-terabit routers and switches for access
  • Carrier Ethernet and data center applications that demand IP configurability to optimize for various traffic profiles
  • Scalability for next-generation platforms




Intel has been a part of the Interlaken Alliance since its inception in 2007 and continues to innovate new protocol features to provide customers with robust and easy-to-implement Interlaken IP solutions. Intel now offers up to 300G Interlaken IP.

With the release of Intel's next-generation Intel® Arria® 10 FPGAs and SoCs, the Intel FPGA Interlaken IP Portfolio accomplishes major development milestones: third-generation soft IP (includes media access control (MAC) and second-generation hardened IP (includes physical coding sublayer (PCS) / physical medium attachment (PMA). These seasoned, battle-tested cores continue to provide the additional robustness and maturity required for new, more intelligent systems.

  • Data rate selection up to 25.78125 Gbps (NRZ) OR 56 Gbps (PAM4)
  • Multi-lane configuration up to 24 lanes
  • Interleave packet mode support
  • Enhanced scheduling
  • Multi-segment or Start-of-Packet (SOP) alignment user interface options
  • I/O controllable burst settings (Min, Max, Short) 
  • Programmable meta frame lengths
  • Up to 256 logical channels
  • Multiple-use field access
  • In-band and out-of-band flow control (calendar page options)
  • Advanced error handling and error injection capabilities
  • Retransmission
  • Fully integrated IP (MAC, PCS, and PMA layers)
  • Tunable pre-emphasis and equalization settings
  • Custom IP deliveries available to optimize for various application needs

IP Quality Metrics


Year IP was first released


Latest version of Intel® Quartus® Prime software supported





Customer deliverables include the following:

  • Design file (encrypted source code or post-synthesis netlist)
  • Simulation model for ModelSim*- Intel® FPGA Edition
  • Timing and/or layout constraints
  • Documentation with revision control
Y for all

Any additional customer deliverables provided with IP

Testbench and design examples

Parameterization GUI allowing end user to configure IP


IP is enabled for the Intel FPGA IP Evaluation Mode Support


Source language


Testbench language


Software drivers provided


Driver operating system (OS) support



User interface

Avalon® ST-like

IP-XACT metadata



Simulators supported

NCSim, ModelSim, VCS/VCSMX, Xcelium

Hardware validated

Intel® Arria® 10 FPGA Transceiver Signal Integrity Development Kit,

Intel® Stratix® 10 FPGA Signal Integrity Development Kit

Intel® Agilex™ F-series Transceiver SoC Development Kit

Industry-standard compliance testing performed


If Yes, which test(s)?


If Yes, on which Intel FPGA device(s)?


If Yes, date performed


If No, is it planned?



IP has undergone interoperability testing


If yes, on which Intel FPGA device(s)


Interoperability reports available


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† Tests measure performance of components on a particular test, in specific systems. Differences in hardware, software, or configuration will affect actual performance. Consult other sources of information to evaluate performance as you consider your purchase.  For more complete information about performance and benchmark results, visit and Quartus are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the US and/or other countries.