Stratix IV FPGAs: The World's Highest Density 40-nm FPGA

At the 40-nm process, Stratix® IV FPGAs provide unmatched resources for integrating your next-generation, high-performance designs.

With 820K logic elements (LEs) and 23.1 Mbits of memory on a single FPGA, Stratix IV E FPGAs deliver the highest density and the fastest FPGA solutions for ASIC prototyping, and address partitioning and verification challenges.

With 530K LEs, 26.7 Mbits of memory, and 48 transceivers running up to 11.3 Gbps on a single FPGA, Stratix IV FPGAs deliver the most optimized high-speed serial interface solutions.

Stratix IV FPGAs are ideal for your high-end digital applications in ASIC prototyping and many other end markets, including wireline, wireless, military, and broadcast.

What Can You Achieve with an 820K Logic Element Stratix IV FPGA?

Table 1 shows the availability of the highest density Stratix IV FPGAs.

Table 1. Availability of the Highest Density Stratix IV FPGAs

Stratix IV FPGAs Logic Elements Embedded Memory (Mbits) DSP
18 x 18
Transceivers Availability








EP4SE530 530K 20.7 1,024 976 0 Now
EP4S100G5 530K 20.7 1,024 976 48 Now
EP4SGX530 530K 20.7 1,024 976 48 Now


Logic Efficiency

The core fabric of Stratix IV FPGAs is built from innovative logic units known as adaptive logic modules (ALMs). ALMs are extremely efficient in implementing logic because of their fracturability. For an equivalent sized part, Stratix IV FPGAs can implement more logic than the nearest competing device.

ALM fracturability allows two independent smaller functions to be implemented in one ALM, instead of partially filling two LEs and wasting the unutilized resources. Altera’s Quartus® Prime software automatically takes advantage of this and packs the design efficiently, minimizing under-utilized resources. This opens the door for fitting the design into smaller devices and reducing logic levels to increase fMAX.