System Console:

System Console is a flexible system-level debugging tool that helps designers quickly and efficiently debug their design while the design is running at full speed in an FPGA. System Console enables designers to send read and write system-level transactions into their Platform Designer (formerly Qsys) system to help isolate and identify problems. It also provides a quick and easy way to check system clocks and monitor reset states, which can be particularly helpful during board bring-up. In addition, System Console allows designers to create their own custom verification or demonstration tool using graphical elements, such as buttons, dials, and graphs, to represent many system-level transactions and monitor the processing of data.

System Console can also be integrated with MATLAB* and Simulink* for System in the Loop functionality. For more information, visit the FPGA Verification in MATLAB Environment page.

Video Demonstrations

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Faster Board Bring-Up with System Console

  • See how you can bring up your board faster with a few simple checks
  • Learn how to quickly isolate issues by checking your system’s resets and clocks, and by performing simple address-based read and write transactions

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Building a Custom Verification GUI with System Console

  • See how you can build your own custom GUI to debug and monitor your system
  • Learn how to add different graphical elements to control and monitor your system

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Getting Started

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