Nios II Development Kit, Stratix II Edition


Altera's Nios® II Development Kit, Stratix® II Edition provides a complete development environment, including everything hardware and software designers need for system-level designs. Based on the Nios II family of embedded processors and the Stratix II EP2S60 device, you'll find the kit is ideal for designing and prototyping a wide range of embedded applications.

Figure 1. Nios II Development Board, Stratix II Edition

Ordering Information

Table 1. Nios II Development Kit, Stratix II Edition Ordering Code

Ordering Code


Ordering Information

DK-NIOS-2S60N Kit no longer available Kit no longer available for purchase. Visit the Nios II kits page for other embedded development kits.

Development Kit Contents

The Nios II Development Kit, Stratix II Edition includes:

Software Development Tools

Software engineers do not need any prior FPGA design experience to use the Nios II Development Kit, Stratix II Edition. Intel FPGA's Nios II IDE provides everything needed to design for the Nios II family of embedded processors, with facilities for:

  • C/C++ code entry and editing
  • Project management and compilation
  • Software debugging
  • Flash programming

Exceptional development tools and complete documentation, as well as multiple reference designs and a step-by-step software development tutorial (available in the online help browser) help you to get your design up and running immediately. You can write, compile, and run software on the Nios II development board within minutes of opening the box.

The Nios II ISS allows you to begin developing programs before the target hardware platform is ready. The Nios II IDE lets you run programs on the ISS as easily as running them on a real hardware target.

Altera provides ports of the MicroC/OS-II real-time operating system (RTOS) and the NicheStack TCP/IP Network Stack, Nios II Edition. The MicroC/OS-II RTOS is built on the thread-safe Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) system library, and implements a simple, well-documented RTOS scheduler. The TCP/IP stack is built on MicroC/OS-II, and implements the standard UNIX Sockets API.

Altera provides documented software example designs to demonstrate all prominent features of the Nios II processors and the development environment.

You can get additional software development tools from Intel FPGA's embedded software partners.

Hardware Development Tools

The Nios II Development Kit, Stratix II Edition is a complete design environment for hardware engineers. You can create your own custom embedded system within hours using the exceptional FPGA design tools, example projects, and complete documentation.

The Quartus II design software allows you to process multi-million gate designs, streamline development flows, and decrease your time-to-market. The Nios II Development Kit, Stratix II Edition includes the Quartus II design software with a one-year non-perpetual license. Intel FPGA recommends purchasing a full Intel FPGA design software subscription.

SOPC Builder is an automated system development tool that dramatically simplifies the task of creating high-performance SOPC designs and is integrated within the Quartus II design software.