DSP Development Kit, Stratix II Edition

from Altera

The DSP Development Kit, Stratix® II Edition delivers a complete digital signal processing (DSP) development environment. The kit facilitates the entire design process from design conception through hardware implementation. The DSP Development Kit, Stratix II Edition includes the Stratix II DSP development board, DSP Builder development tool, Quartus® II development software, MATLAB/Simulink evaluation software, evaluation intellectual property (IP) cores, system reference designs and labs, as well as power supplies, cables, and documentation.

Ordering Information

Table 1. DSP Development Kit, Stratix II Edition Ordering Code and Pricing Information

Ordering Code Price Ordering Information
DK-DSP-2S60N $1,995
In North America, call 1-888-800-0631.
For international sales, contact your local distributor.
DC-VIDEO-TVP5146 $195
In North America, call 1-888-800-0631.
For international sales, contact your local distributor.

Buyer represents that it is a product developer, software developer or system integrator and acknowledges that this product is an evaluation kit that is not FCC authorized, is made available solely for evaluation and software development, and may not be resold.

Development Kit Contents

The DSP Development Kit, Stratix II Edition features:

  • DSP development board, Stratix II edition
    • Stratix II EP2S60F1020C4 device
  • Analog I/O
    • Two-channel, 12-bit, 125-million samples per second (MSPS) analog-to-digital (A/D)
    • Two-channel, 14-bit, 165-MSPS digital-to-analog (D/A)
    • VGA digital-to-analog converter (DAC)
    • Stereo audio coder/decoder (CODEC), 96 KHz
  • Digital I/O
    • Connector for the Texas Instruments (TI) Evaluation Module (TI-EVM) to enable peripheral expansion and FPGA coprocessing
    • Two 40-pin connectors for Analog Devices' A/D converter evaluation boards
    • Mictor connector for Agilent and Tektronix logic analyzers
    • RS 232 serial port
    • 10/100 Ethernet physical layer/media access control (PHY/MAC) and RJ-45 jack
  • Memory
    • 32-Mbyte SDR SDRAM
    • 16-Mbyte flash
    • 1-Mbyte SRAM
    • 16-Mbyte compact flash
  • Power regulators
    • LTC1778EGN: wide operating range, no RSENSE step-down controller
    • LTC1326CS8: micropower precision triple supply monitor
    • LT1085CM: 7.5-A, 5-A, 3-A low dropout positive adjustable regulators
  • MATLAB/Simulink evaluation software
  • DSP Builder development tool
  • Quartus II Development Kit Edition (DKE)
  • Evaluation IP cores
  • System reference designs and labs
    • DSP Builder filtering design
    • DSP Builder/SOPC Builder image processing reference design
    • Fast Fourier transform (FFT) coprocessor reference design for TI's TMS320C6416 DSK
    • Nios® II reference designs
  • Cables and accessories
    • USB-BlasterTM download cable
    • Serial cable (RS-232)
    • Power supply
    • International power cords

Video input daughtercard features:

  • Two composite video input channels using the TI TVP5146 ADC
  • Support for NTSC/PAL
  • 10-bit BT.656 output
  • Compatibility with expansion connector standard on most Altera® Development Kits
  • Included with Video Development Kit, Cyclone® II Edition
Figure 1. DSP Development Board for Stratix II Edition

Available Documentation

Table 2. Documents Available for the DSP Development Kit, Stratix II Edition