Arria® 10 GX Transceiver Signal Integrity Development Kit


The Intel® Transceiver Signal Integrity Development Kit, Arria® 10 GX Edition helps you thoroughly evaluate the signal integrity of Arria 10 GX transceivers. This development kit delivers a complete design environment that includes all hardware and software you need to start taking advantage of the performance and capabilities available in Intel Arria 10 GX FPGAs. 



Figure 1. Arria 10 GX Transceiver Signal Integrity Development Kit

With this kit, you can:

  • Evaluate transceiver performance from 1 Gbps up to 17.4 Gbps (GX)
  • Generate and check pseudo-random binary sequence (PRBS) patterns via an easy-to-use GUI 
  • Dynamically change differential output voltage (VOD), pre-emphasis, and equalization settings to optimize transceiver performance for your channel 
  • Perform jitter analysis
  • Verify physical medium attachment (PMA) compliance to PCI Express* (PCIe*), Gbps Ethernet (GbE), XAUI, CEI-6G, Serial RapidIO*, high-definition serial digital interface (HD-SDI), and other major standards


Figure 2. Arria 10 GX Transceiver Signal Integrity Development Kit Block Diagram


Table 1. Ordering Information

Ordering Code Price Ordering Information


This development kit features a 10AX115S2F45I1SG device and a one-year license for the Intel Quartus® Prime design software.
  1. Please contact Intel for shipping availability
  2. Buyer represents that it is a product developer, software developer or system integrator and acknowledges that this product is an evaluation kit that is not FCC authorized, is made available solely for evaluation and software development, and may not be resold.

Table 2. Development Kit Contents

Hardware Software1
  • Arria 10 GX Transceiver Signal Integrity Development board running on Arria 10 GX 10AX115S2F45I1SG FPGA
  • Six full-duplex transceiver channels with 2.4 mm SMA connectors
  • Four full-duplex transceiver channels to Amphenol Xcede+* backplane connector
  • Four full-duplex transceiver channels to CFP2 optical interface
  • Four full duplex transceiver channel to QSFP+ optical interface
  • Single transceiver channel to SFP+ optical interface
  • Ten full-duplex transceiver channels to Samtec Bullseye high-density connector
  • Character LCD
  • Ethernet PHY
  • AC adapter power cables
  • Ethernet and USB cables
  • Design examples
  • Board Update Portal design
  • Board Test System (BTS) 
  • Documentation
  • Arria 10 GX Transceiver Signal Integrity Development Kit User Guide
  • Board design files
  • Quartus Prime Pro design software (required)
  • Nios® II processor (optional)
  • MegaCore® intellectual property (IP) library (optional)
  • Mentor Graphics* ModelSim* - Intel FPGA Edition (optional)
  1. Download and unpack Arria 10 GX FPGA Development Kit installation package. 
  2. A one-year license for Quartus Prime design software ships with the development kit.

Table 3. Arria 10 GX Transceiver SI Development Kit Downloadable Content

Files Description
Arria 10 GX Transceiver Signal Integrity Installation Package (Production Edition)

A single zip file containing Arria 10 GX Transceiver Signal Integrity Development Kit board design files, documents, and example designs. It also includes the Board Test System installation files. 

User Guide (Production Edition) Documentation about setting up the Arria 10 Transceiver Signal Integrity Development Kit. Including instructions on using the software. 
Quick Start Guide (Production Edition) Documentation summarizing the usage of the development kit and its features
Qsys and Quartus Prime Tools The Quartus Prime design suite provides the necessary tools used for developing hardware and software for Intel FPGAs. Included in the Quartus Prime design suite are the Quartus Prime software, the Nios II EDS, and the Intel FPGA IP Library.