Intel® Cyclone® 10 LP FPGA Evaluation Kit

Developers and makers are invited to discover the flexibility of a low-power programmable gate array. The Intel® Cyclone® 10 LP Evaluation Kit provides an easy-to-use platform for evaluating Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA technology and Intel Enpirion® regulators. 

With this evaluation board, you can:

  • Develop designs for Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA devices
  • Bridge to functions or devices via Arduino UNO R3 shields, PMOD , GPIO or Ethernet connectors
  • Measure key Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA power supplies
  • Reuse the kit's PCB schematic & design files to start your design quickly

Whether you are an FPGA developer, software developer, maker, seasoned IoT developer, coding newbie, or just curious about FPGAs, we hope your experience with the Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA kit is both informative and fun.

Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA Evaluation Board - Block Diagram

Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA Evaluation Kit Ordering Code and Pricing Information

Ordering Code  Price  Ordering Information 
EK-10CL025U256  $99.95
Order online via eStore or contact your local Intel® FPGA distributor to place your order. 

Buyer represents that it is a product developer, software developer or system integrator and acknowledges that this product is an evaluation kit that is not FCC authorized, is made available solely for evaluation and software development, and may not be resold.

Evaluation Kit Contents

  • Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA
    • P/N: 10CL025YU256I7G with 25K LEs
  • Intel MAX 10 FPGA, pre-programmed System Manager ASSP functions (Not programmable by the user)
    • On-board USB Blaster II
    • SystemMAX controller 
      • Programmable clock adjustment
      • Current measurement for key Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA power rails
      • Arduino Analog input and conversion to digital signals
    • P/N: 10M08SAU169C8G
      • 8K LEs, Single Power Supply, 1 ADC with 9 input channels
  • Enpirion point-of-load Synchronous Buck Regulators with Integrated Inductors:
    • EN5339QI, 3A
    • EN5329QI, 2A
    • EP5358LUI, 600mA 2 pieces
  • HyperRAM*
    • 128Mbit 8-bit width HyperRAM memory
    • 100 MBs throughput @ only 400 LE's and 12 I/O
    • Open Core license available for evaluation
    • HyperBus Memory Controller IP by Synaptic Labs
  • 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
    • Intel XWAY PHY11G PEF7071
    • RGMII Interface to Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA (as MAC), 
      • Triple speed ethernet MAC supported from Intel Quartus Prime version 17.1 onwards
    • MDC/MDIO as management interface
    • RJ-45 for Ethernet Cable
  • 12-pin Digilent Pmod* Compatible connector 
  • Arduino Interface
    • Compatible with Arduino UNO R3
    • Arduino Shields can be used on this Arduino Interface
  • User GPIOs
    • 2x20 expansion GPIO header with 36 GPIO signals brought out to a 100mil header
    • Single-end IO with 3.3 VCCIO 
  • LED
    • Blue Power LED x1
    • Yellow Configuration LED x1
    • Green User LEDs x4 
  • Push Button
    • FPGA Reconfiguration Push Button x1
    • FPGA Reset Push Button x1
    • User Push Buttons x4
  • 4-bit DIP Switch
    • 1-bit Virtual JTAG bypass
    • 3-bit User DIP Switch
  • Configuration
    • On-board USB Blaster II Programming
    • External 2x5 JTAG Header
    • AS x1 configuration via on board Flash (EPCQ64)
  • Clock
    • Fixed 50MHz clock to Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA and Intel MAX 10 FPGA
    • 125MHz Ethernet Clock to Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA (Programmable)
    • 50MHz HyperRAM Clock to Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA (Programmable)
    • Programmable clock to Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA
  • Power
    • USB or Adaptor powered
      • USB port shared with on-board USB Blaster II Mini-B Connector
      • AC-DC (5V) adaptor which is not be shipped with kit
    • Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA Power Measurement Capability
      • Intel MAX10 FPGA ADC to measure current for specified Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA power rails
      • Voltage and current manual measurement for other Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA power rails

Design Examples

Multiple design examples and reference designs are available for the Intel Cyclone® 10 LP FPGA Evaluation Kit in the Design Store for download. For a list of all Intel Cyclone 10 LP designs, visit the Intel FPGA Design Store.




User Guide

Information about the Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA Evaluation Kit hardware and board setup including how to use included software.

Schematic PCB Schematic. See User Guide on how to determine PCB revision. B

Kit Collateral (zip) 

Includes the user manual, BOM, layout, PCB, schematics, Board Test System & Getting started designs for Intel Quartus Prime design software 17.0 A