Intel® FPGA Partner Boards

Intel’s FPGA partner boards offer considerable advantages where size, weight, power and time-to-market are critical in markets, such as High-Performance Computing, Military/Aerospace/Government, Network Packet Processing, Industrial and Financial. FPGA partner boards are also ideal for applications requiring TFLOP performance, I/O and memory bandwidth, extended temperature or low latency and support a variety of industry standard form factors, such as PCI Express* (PCIe*), VPX/OpenVPX, FMC and AMC.

Customers can purchase proven partner boards from a wide variety of Intel Design Solutions Network (DSN) partners, below. DSN members have access to the latest Intel FPGA silicon, development tools, software, and technical support to develop Intel FPGA-based boards, intellectual property (IP) products and to offer FPGA custom design services.

These FPGA partner boards can operate with a variety of Intel FPGA devices, IP, embedded software, and OpenCL™ support to help customers reduce development risk, lower cost and allow more time to differentiate their products. Find out more information about these indispensable FPGA partner boards for your application by contacting the Intel DSN companies below or your local Intel FPGA sales team or Distributor.

For more information on Intel FPGA Military ruggedized boards, please visit Intel’s Military/Aerospace/Government COTS Board Partners Site.