Scan Manager Module Registers Address Map

Registers in the Scan Manager module. These registers are implemented by an JTAG-AP module from the DAP. Some register and field names have been changed to match the usage in the Scan Manager. If modified, the corresponding names from the documentation are provided. Only registers and fields that are relevant to the JTAG-AP use in the Scan Manager are listed.

Base Address: 0xFFF02000

Scan Manager Module Registers

Register Offset Width Access Reset Value Description
stat 0x0 32 RW 0x0 Control/Status Word Register
en 0x4 32 RW 0x0 Scan-Chain Enable Register
fifosinglebyte 0x10 32 RW 0x0 FIFO Single Byte Register
fifodoublebyte 0x14 32 RW 0x0 FIFO Double Byte Register
fifotriplebyte 0x18 32 RW 0x0 FIFO Triple Byte Register
fifoquadbyte 0x1C 32 RW 0x0 FIFO Quad Byte Register