I2C Module Address Map

Registers in the I2C module
Module Instance Base Address
i2c0 0xFFC04000
i2c1 0xFFC05000
i2c2 0xFFC06000
i2c3 0xFFC07000

I2C Module

Register Offset Width Access Reset Value Description
ic_con 0x0 32 RW 0x7D Control Register
ic_tar 0x4 32 RW 0x1055 Target Address Register
ic_sar 0x8 32 RW 0x55 Slave Address Register
ic_data_cmd 0x10 32 RW 0x0 Tx Rx Data and Command Register
ic_ss_scl_hcnt 0x14 32 RW 0x190 Std Spd Clock SCL HCNT Register
ic_ss_scl_lcnt 0x18 32 RW 0x1D6 Std Spd Clock SCL LCNT Register
ic_fs_scl_hcnt 0x1C 32 RW 0x3C Fast Spd Clock SCL HCNT Register
ic_fs_scl_lcnt 0x20 32 RW 0x82 Fast Spd Clock SCL LCNT Register
ic_intr_stat 0x2C 32 RO 0x0 Interrupt Status Register
ic_intr_mask 0x30 32 RW 0x8FF Interrupt Mask Register
ic_raw_intr_stat 0x34 32 RO 0x0 Raw Interrupt Status Register
ic_rx_tl 0x38 32 RW 0x0 Receive FIFO Threshold Register
ic_tx_tl 0x3C 32 RW 0x0 Transmit FIFO Threshold Level Register
ic_clr_intr 0x40 32 RO 0x0 Combined and Individual Interrupt Register
ic_clr_rx_under 0x44 32 RO 0x0 Rx Under Interrupt Register
ic_clr_rx_over 0x48 32 RO 0x0 RX Over Interrupt Register
ic_clr_tx_over 0x4C 32 RO 0x0 TX Over Interrupt Register
ic_clr_rd_req 0x50 32 RO 0x0 Interrupt Read Request Register
ic_clr_tx_abrt 0x54 32 RO 0x0 Tx Abort Interrupt Register
ic_clr_rx_done 0x58 32 RO 0x0 Rx Done Interrupt Register
ic_clr_activity 0x5C 32 RO 0x0 Activity Interrupt Register
ic_clr_stop_det 0x60 32 RO 0x0 Stop Detect Interrupt Register
ic_clr_start_det 0x64 32 RO 0x0 Start Detect Interrupt Register
ic_clr_gen_call 0x68 32 RO 0x0 GEN CALL Interrupt Register
ic_enable 0x6C 32 RW 0x0 Enable Register
ic_status 0x70 32 RO 0x6 Status Register
ic_txflr 0x74 32 RO 0x0 Transmit FIFO Level Register
ic_rxflr 0x78 32 RO 0x0 Receive FIFO Level Register
ic_sda_hold 0x7C 32 RW 0x1 SDA Hold Register
ic_tx_abrt_source 0x80 32 RW 0x0 Transmit Abort Source Register
ic_slv_data_nack_only 0x84 32 RW 0x0 Generate Slave Data NACK
ic_dma_cr 0x88 32 RW 0x0 DMA Control
ic_dma_tdlr 0x8C 32 RW 0x0 DMA Transmit Data Level
ic_dma_rdlr 0x90 32 RW 0x0 Receive Data Level
ic_sda_setup 0x94 32 RW 0x64 SDA Setup Register
ic_ack_general_call 0x98 32 RW 0x1 ACK General Call
ic_enable_status 0x9C 32 RO 0x0 Enable Status Register
ic_fs_spklen 0xA0 32 RW 0x2 SS and FS Spike Suppression Limit Register
ic_comp_param_1 0xF4 32 RO 0x3F3FEA Component Parameter Register 1
ic_comp_version 0xF8 32 RO 0x3132302A Component Version Register
ic_comp_type 0xFC 32 RO 0x44570140 Component Type Register