Quartus II Software Version 2.2 Service Pack 2

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Table 1. Download Quartus® II Software Version 2.2 Service Pack 2 (SP2)
Operating System Download File Size
Windows XP; Windows 2000; Windows NT 4.0; Windows 98;

Download the single-file download or all three files in the multi-file download

Installation Instructions
Single-file Download
quartusii_22_sp2_single.exe 117 MB
Multi-file Download
quartusii_22_sp2.exe 38.1 MB
quartusii_22_sp2a.cab 38.8 MB
quartusii_22_sp2b.cab 34.8 MB
UNIX Platform-Specific Files
Download appropriate platform-specific file(s).

Installation instructions
Solaris 2.6, 2.7, 2.8


247 MB
Red Hat Linux 7.1 quartusii_22_sp2_linux.tar 314 MB
HP-UX 11.0 quartusii_22_sp2_hp11.tar 166 MB
ModelSim-Altera Pre-Compiled Libraries for SP2
Download the appropriate pre-compiled library for your platform.

Installation instructions
Windows XP; Windows 2000; Windows NT 4.0; Windows 98; modelsim_oem_56a_q22sp2_models.zip 14 MB
Solaris 2.6, 2.7, 2.8;
HP-UX 11.0;
modelsim_oem_56a_q22sp2_models_unix.tar 62 MB


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System Requirements

Table 2. Quartus II Software Version 2.2 SP2 System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP; Windows 2000; Windows NT 4.0; Windows 98;
Solaris 2.6, 2.7, 2.8;
Red Hat Linux 7.1;
HP-UX 11.0;
Software Version Quartus II software version 2.2 (Do not use this service pack with the Quartus II Web Edition software or Quartus II Limited Edition software.)

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Service Pack Details

This service pack contains fixes and enhancements to the Quartus II software that were not included on the Quartus II software version 2.2 release.

Changes in Service Pack 2

Click here for a list of the other changes and enhancements in Service Pack 1.

Table 3 shows the device and package support offered with SP1.

Table 3. Quartus II Software Version 2.2 SP1 Device & Package Support

SupportDevice FamilyDevicePackages
Advanced Compilation & Simulation SupportStratix
EP1S40F780 (1)
EP1S80F1020 (1)
Full Support
(includes .pof programming file generation)

EP1C6T144 (2), Q240 (3),
EP1C20F324 (1), F400 (1)
EP1S40 (4)B956 (5), F1020 (1), F1508 (1)
Notes to Table 3:
  1. F = FineLine BGA™ package
  2. T = thin quad flat pack (TQFP) package
  3. Q = plastic quad flat pack (PQFP) package
  4. Designs compiled for the EP1S40 ES ordering codes should be re-compiled for a non-ES EP1S40 ordering code device before configuring the device.
  5. B = Ball grid array (BGA) package

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If you have a question or problem that is not answered by the information provided here or in the Quartus II Help, please contact Altera Applications through the mySupport web site.

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Legal Notice

Altera's Software Subscription License Agreement governs the installation and use of this software.