Quartus II Web Edition Software Installation

Single File Download

This document details how to download the single-file version of the Quartus® II Web Edition software.

Install Program File

Perform the following steps to install the Quartus II Web Edition software:

  1. Create a directory on your hard disk to store the Quartus II Web Edition software and license file. The default location is c:\quartus2we.
  2. Run the quartusii_< version information >_web_edition_single.exe program by double-clicking on the file name in Windows Explorer. Replace < version information > with the version number of the software. For example, the download file for Quartus II Web Edition software version 4.0 is quartusii_40_web_edition_single.exe.
  3. The installation program guides you through the installation process. Specify the directory you created in step 1 as the installation directory. Altera recommends that you install the Quartus II Web Edition software in a different directory from any other version of the Quartus II software.
  4. When installation is complete, you can read the Quartus II software readme.txt file by clicking on it in the Altera option of the Start menu.
  5. Continue the installation by setting up your license file.