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Quartus II Web Edition

Release date: November, 2009

Quartus II Web Edition v9.1

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This version of Quartus II software will no longer be available after 6/26/2020. This version does not include the latest functional and security updates and will not be supported. All versions are provided as is. Intel recommends that users of this version uninstall and discontinue use as soon as possible. Users should upgrade to the latest available software version for their device and follow the technical recommendations to help improve security.

Download Option 1: Individual Files

Download large, standalone installation files to manually install complete software and device support. Note: If you download and install only the Quartus® II software, subsequently you must also download and install the device support . You do not have to install all the device support files. You can install only the device support files that you need.

Quartus II Web Edition Platform File Name Size
Quartus II Web EditionWindows 91_quartus_free.exe

1.4 GB
Quartus II Web EditionLinux 91_quartus_free_linux.tar

1.7 GB

What the MD5 sum value is and what it is for

Other Individual Download Files:

No DVD .iso files available for this version

Note: To use the Nios II Processor Embedded Design Suite (EDS), you must first install Quartus II software.

System Requirements

Operating System Requirement

Disk Space: A full installation of the Altera Complete Design Suite version 9.1 requires approximately 10 GB of available disk space on the drive or partition where you are installing the Altera Complete Design Suite and approximately 30 MB of available space on the drive that contains your TEMP directory (Windows only).

Documentation Links

Visit the Quartus II Software Subscription and Web Edition Comparison page for detailed device support information.

Download Notes:

  1. Installation Instructions: View Installation Instructions for all operating systems.
  2. Request Software on DVD: You can request Quartus II Web Edition software on DVD.
  3. Support: The Quartus II Software Support page can help with questions or problems that are not answered by the information provided here or in Quartus II Help. If you have a question or problem that is not answered by the information provided here, contact Altera Applications through the mySupport website.
  4. Legal Notice: Altera's Software Subscription License Agreement governs the installation and use of this software.