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Quartus II Stand-Alone Programmer

Release date: June, 2012

Quartus II Programmer Software v12.0

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Download Option 1: Individual Files

Download large, standalone installation files to manually install complete software and device support. Note: If you download and install only the Quartus® II software, subsequently you must also download and install the device support . You do not have to install all the device support files. You can install only the device support files that you need.

Quartus II Programmer Software Platform File Name Size
Quartus II Programmer SoftwareWindows 12.0_programmer_windows.exe
MD5: 1f46250f339c1e90446fc850757ba250
122 MB
Quartus II Programmer SoftwareLinux 12.0_programmer_linux.tar.gz
MD5: 1e192f8f341e4d9b94eebdd3ba3fdc49
313 MB

What the MD5 sum value is and what it is for

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Download Option 2: DVD .iso File

Use a DVD image to create your own installation DVD to install Altera software and device support if you do not have consistent internet access or you require a DVD. You download one large file and use it to create an installation DVD.

Platform File Name Size
ACDS v12.0 Windows DVD (ISO) Windows 12.0_acds_windows.iso
MD5: 4a12ab854d8348be343b7800bb8919a1
MD5: 44238cc6e224b923fb18b679fbd7850c
2.0 GB

6.3 GB

ACDS v12.0 Linux DVD (ISO) Linux 12.0_acds_linux.iso
MD5: 1129f5c46b6bed189f0238074ae6ef87
MD5: 44238cc6e224b923fb18b679fbd7850c
3.5 GB

6.3 GB

How to install the Altera software using a DVD ISO file