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Nios II Embedded Design Suite Legacy Tools

Release date: December, 2010

Nios II Embedded Design Suite v10.1

This version of Nios II Embedded Design Suite software will no longer be available after 6/26/2020. This version does not include the latest functional and security updates and will not be supported. All versions are provided as is. Intel recommends that users of this version uninstall and discontinue use as soon as possible. Users should upgrade to the latest available software version for their device and follow the technical recommendations to help improve security.

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Download Option 1: Individual Files

Nios II Embedded Design Suite Platform File Name Size
Nios II Embedded Design SuiteWindows 10.1_nios2eds_windows.exe
MD5: 0faf9348797785c64e66196683fc5687
813 MB
Nios II Embedded Design Suite
Service Pack 1
Requires full installation of Nios II v10.1
Windows 10.1sp1_nios2eds_windows.exe
MD5: 96f27d2efab680f6ef289bb0fb436072
31 MB
Nios II Embedded Design SuiteLinux
MD5: ebb0b08f01b576a005c2be3c71ebbe79
885 MB
Nios II Embedded Design Suite
Service Pack 1
Requires full installation of Nios II v10.1
MD5: b57aa1bbf4914bb4aec105cafc7c9139
34 MB

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Download Option 2: DVD .iso File

If you do not have Internet access or if you require a DVD, you can download and use the DVD ISO file to create your own installation DVD for installing Altera's software and device support. You must first install the Altera Complete Design Suite (ACDS) software (Windows or Linux version) before you install the ACDS Devices software. You must install both the ACDS software (Windows or Linux version) and the ACDS Devices software.

Platform File Name Size
ACDS v10.1 Web Edition DVD (ISO) Windows 10.1_acds_web_edition.iso
MD5: 268e1e82a50845e403651883aaac0b88
7.0 GB
ACDS v10.1 Linux DVD (ISO) Linux 10.1_acds_linux.iso
MD5: 461dcf2d56d2f3ecf5ae9c31e91a692a
6.9 GB

How to install the Altera software using a DVD ISO file

Service Packs: Quartus II

  • Nios II Embedded Design Suite v10.1 Service Pack 1
    Requires Nios II Embedded Design Suite v10.1
    • Enhancements and bug fixes to Nios II Software Build Tools
      • To run as ModelSim® for Windows systems, check the Support Solution page for web solution details.
      • To run as hardware, check the Support Solution page for web solution details.

    You must update Quartus® II software version 10.1 to Service Pack 1 to use the Nios® II Embedded Design Suite version 10.1 SP1.

    Download Quartus II Subscription Edition version 10.1 SP1 (downloadable patch)
    Download Quartus II Web Edition version 10.1 SP1 (full Quartus II software download)

    System Requirements

    Table 1. System Requirements
    Requirement Type
    Operating System

    Windows Vista (32 bits)
    Windows XP (32 bits)
    Red Hat Linux Enterprise 4/5 (32/64 bits)
    SUSE Linux Enterprise 9/10 (32/64 bits)
    CentOS 4/5 (32 bits)

    Disk Space Downloading and uncompressing all files require 4 GB of free disk space. Installation requires an additional 5 GB of disk space. You can delete the 4 GB of downloaded and uncompressed files from your hard drive after completing the installation.


    Table 2. Nios II Embedded Design Suite (EDS) Features
    Feature Details
    Device Support

    Visit the Quartus® II Software Subscription and Web Edition Comparison page for detailed device support information.

    Software Development Tools Support
    • Nios® II Software Build Tools for Eclipse, debugger, drivers, and utilities (go to the Nios II embedded software tools page for complete details)
    • Nios II C-to-Hardware (C2H) Acceleration Compiler Evaluation
    • NicheStack TCP/IP Stack—Nios II Edition Evaluation
    • Micrium MicroC/OS-II RTOS Evaluation
    More Information Find detailed information on the Nios II processor web page. Find out what’s new in this release on the news page.


    Nios II Processor: To obtain a time-unlimited license file for the Nios II processor, you must purchase either a standalone Nios II processor core license (ordering code: IP-NIOS) or the Embedded IP Suite (ordering code: IPS-EMBEDDED). Contact your local Altera representative or use Altera Tools Support to order today.

    Nios II C2H Acceleration Compiler: You can create, compile, and generate time-limited Nios II processor systems and hardware accelerators generated by the Nios II C2H Compiler without obtaining a license file by using the OpenCore Plus evaluation feature. You must obtain a license for the Nios II processor core (ordering code: IP-NIOS) and Nios II C2H Acceleration Compiler (ordering code: IPT-C2H-NIOS) to generate time-unlimited programming files and flash programming files. Contact your local Altera representative or use Altera Tools Support to order today. You do not need a license if you will only be developing software using the Nios II Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

    Micrium MicroC/OS-II RTOS: You can develop software for any of the Nios II development kits using the Micrium MicroC/OS-II RTOS. To generate software to run on other boards aor ship in a product, you must obtain a license. To obtain a license for the Micrium MicroC/OS-II RTOS, contact Micrium today.

    Download Notes

    • Installation Instructions: View installation instructions for all operating systems.
    • Online Demonstrations: View now.
    • Support
      • The Nios II EDS Support web page can help with questions or problems that are not answered by the information provided here.
      • Find Answers in the Altera support center uses natural language processing technology to search all available technical documentation to answer your questions directly. Find Answers solves technical queries because you can ask your exact questions online.
      • You can also benefit from the Altera mySupport online issue tracking system.
      • Additionally, you can find answers to many questions in the Nios Forum area of the Altera Forum.

    Legal Notice—Altera's MegaCore® License Agreement governs the installation and use of the Nios II software. The Software Subscription License Agreement governs the installation and use of the Quartus II Web Edition design software.