Minimize Your Power in Any Environment with Zero-Power MAX IIZ CPLDs

Altera’s commitment to low-power, restricted space, extended temperature, and low-cost application development is on display with the improved zero-power MAX® IIZ CPLDs. Zero-power MAX IIZ CPLDs offer the same non-volatile, instant-on advantages found in the low-cost MAX II CPLD family and are applicable to a wide range of functions and applications (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. MAX IIZ Application Areas

Key Features

Zero Power, Small Form Factor, and Low Cost

Manage power effectively, save PCB real estate, and design feature-packed, battery-powered applications with MAX IIZ CPLDs:

  • Low power consumption—as low as 25 µA. With the industry’s lowest dynamic and static power consumption, MAX IIZ devices can meet the needs of the most demanding battery or low-power applications.
  • Ultra-small, easy-to-use packages—as small as 5 mm x 5 mm. MAX IIZ CPLDs provide up to 6x the density and 3x the I/O resources in the same package sizes as traditional macrocell-based CPLDs. This means you can pack greater functionality into a smaller PCB space.
  • Greater logic integration at a lower price. MAX IIZ CPLDs help you deliver feature-rich portable products at competitive prices.

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