Introducing Zero-Power MAX IIZ CPLDs for Portable Applications

Maximum Advantage for Portable Applications

Altera's new zero-power MAX® IIZ CPLD helps you deliver unique capabilities in your portable applications as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. MAX IIZ CPLDs bring the benefits of programmable logic to portable applications:

  • Fast time to market: Get products into customer hands faster
  • Flexibility: Change your design at any point during your product development cycle to respond to market conditions
  • Cost-effective integration: Achieve custom functionality at an affordable price

Altera's new zero-power MAX IIZ CPLDs exemplify our commitment to low-power, restricted space, and low-cost portable applications. MAX IIZ CPLDs offer the same non-volatile, instant-on advantages found in MAX II CPLDs and are applicable to a wide range of portable applications:

Learn more about low-power cost-effective solutions for portable applications:

Pin/Port Management
  • GPIO pin expansion
  • Voltage level shifting
  • Chip-to-chip bridge functions

Peripheral Control

  • LCD
  • LED
  • Motor
  • Storage devices
  • PWM


  • SPI
  • SM bus
  • NAND flash
  • Mobile DRAM
  • Compact flash +

Power-Saving Coprocessors

  • Bluetooth LED
  • Battery monitor
  • Media processor

Minimize Power, Space, and Cost in Portable Applications

Balance requirements for low power consumption, small packages and low cost with MAX IIZ CPLDs.

  • Low power consumption—as low as 29 µA, for the industry’s lowest dynamic and static power consumption. MAX IIZ CPLDs meet the needs of the most demanding low-power applications by offloading common system tasks from power-hungry ASSPs.
  • Ultra-small packages—as small as 5 mm x 5 mm. MAX IIZ CPLDs provide up to 6X the density and 3X the I/O resources in the same package sizes as traditional macrocell-based CPLDs. This means you can pack greater functionality into a smaller PCB space.
  • Greater logic integration at a lower price. Cost-effective MAX IIZ CPLDs will help you deliver feature rich portable products at competitive prices.
  • Greater density and I/O allows MAX IIZ CPLDs to operate as low-power coprocessors that offload system tasks from big power-hungry host processors.

Start designing with MAX IIZ CPLDs today:

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