New MAX V CPLDs: Shipping Now, Up to 50 Percent Lower Total Power

With low price, low power, and high performance, Altera's new MAX® V CPLDs are your best CPLD value for general-purpose and portable designs in a wide variety of market segments. Get robust new features like digital phase-locked loops (DPLLs) and on-chip memory at up to 50 percent lower total power vs. competitive CPLDs.

MAX V CPLDs give you the non-volatile, look-up table (LUT) based architecture that you know from the MAX series, plus the advantages of:

  • More I/Os and logic per footprint at the same price as competitive CPLDs
  • Low-cost, green packages as small as 20 mm2
  • Extended battery life with 45 mW of static power
  • One of the market's largest density CPLDs

Start Your CPLD Designs Today
Start developing your low-cost CPLD designs today with the $74.95 MAX V CPLD Development Kit. Download our new Quartus® II software v10.1 now for MAX V support.

Use MAX V CPLDs for:

  • I/O expansion
  • Bridging
  • Power management
  • Analog interfacing
  • Supplementing ASSPs and ASICs

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MAX V CPLDs Now Shipping

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