Software Defined Radio (BeRadio)

BeRadio SDR Kit

The BeMicro SDK evaluation board is a low-cost development platform featuring an Altera® Cyclone® IV FPGA. The board features DDR RAM 10/100 Ethernet, pushbuttons, DIP switches, LEDs, an 80-pin edge connector for attaching expansion boards, a microSD socket, and a temperature sensor. It plugs into the USB port of a PC for power and communication for configuring the FPGA and programming the on-board EPCS16 flash memory.

BeMicro SKD Evaluation Board

The BeRadio uses a 12 bit 10 Msps ADC from Linear Technology for the analog front end, and a Cyclone IV FPGA from Altera as the digital processing engine to convert the data stream.



The BeRadio Software-Defined Radio (SDR) Kit provides you with a:

  • Low-cost platform to learn basics of SDR techniques
  • Easy-to-use and -adopt learning methodology, no RTL experience necessary
  • Common hardware platform that can support multiple wireless standards
  • Obsolesce-proof of ever-changing SDR standards



BeRadio SDR Kit Block Diagram

Watch the Video to See BeRadio in Action!

Free BeRadio SDR Workshop

Sign up now to attend a free hands-on workshop and learn the latest design techniques, considerations, and tools to get your next SDR design started. Workshop attendees will receive either a complete BeRadio Kit, which includes the BeMicro SDK, or if you already have the BeMicro SDK, the BeRadio plug-in daughtercard.

Workshop topics include:

  • Understand the key reasons why to use an FPGA in your SDR
  • Learn about SDR architectures
  • Learn about LNA/ADC/FPGA/PC selection criteria
  • Explore an example SDR design architecture
  • Compile and download and FPGA-based SDR design
  • Modify and recompile an SDR design