All-in-One (AIO) PC Devices Powered by Intel

All-in-One (AIO) computers with powerful Intel® Core™ processors inside streamline an entire desktop system into a single device, combining a sleek profile with full PC performance. With hardware-based security and large curved, 4K displays, All-in-One (AIO) PCs are secure and flexible at work, play or school.

All-in-One (AIO) PC Devices Powered by Intel

Features and Benefits

Intel® Core™ processors break the boundaries of conventional computing with the All-in-One PC, streamlining an entire desktop system into an elegant, powerful device with the ability to create, stream, and share HD content. And with Intel's included security technology, you can work and play with more confidence.

All-in-Ones (AIO) run beautifully and keep your home looking just as good with their sleek, clutter-free design. The portable AIO combines innovation with large, high resolution displays, full size keyboards, and a stylish package making it easy to interact with it. Keep your AIO front and center in your living space for ready to go entertainment, productivity, or gaming. Don’t hide it away!

All-in-Ones with Intel® Core™ processors come equipped with premium HD touchscreens coupled with Intel® HD Graphics. With monitors up to 34 inches, your entertainment experiences will reach a new height. Available with 4K Ultra HD resolution, today’s All-in-Ones can support next generation HDR10 content playback technology. You'll experience interactive games, media, and TV like never before.