Intel® Select Solutions for High Performance Computing (HPC)

Unleash massive compute power with Intel Select Solutions for HPC. Designed to support AI, cloud, and high-performance computing, these solutions can help simplify deployment, meet diverse workload demands, and increase time to market.

Intel® Select Solutions for Genomics Analytics v2

  • Enable faster analysis and quicker times to deploy hardware solutions that are customized for genetics analysis.

Intel® Select Solutions for Simulation & Visualization

  • Performance-optimized for highly scalable simulation and visualization applications
  • Features open source technology, delivering vivid visualizations of complex, enormous datasets
  • Produce high-fidelity images that help gain deeper, faster insights in science and industry
  • Photo credit: The University of Texas at Austin with research data used courtesy of the Bureau of Economic Geology at The University of Texas at Austin and the Moroccan National Office of Hydrocarbon and Mining

Intel® Select Solutions for Simulation & Modeling

  • Optimized for common HPC applications to help accelerate product design with greater levels of customization and optimization
  • Performance-optimized for highly scalable simulation and modeling applications that use MPI libraries
  • Improves delivery and uptime through simplified deployment and advanced diagnostics tools
  • Compatible with the Intel® Scalable System Framework Application Catalog

Intel® Select Solutions for HPC & AI Converged Clusters

  • Enables HPC batch schedulers to run all workloads—including simulation and modeling, big data analytics, and AI—on a common HPC infrastructure.
  • Faster time to insights with improvements in AI inferencing

Intel HPC Application Catalog

Intel HPC Application Catalog is a centrally located list of applications verified compatible with Intel HPC Platform Specification and Intel Select Solutions for high performance computing (HPC). Discover high performance software solutions for Intel Select Solutions for high performance computing (HPC).

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Intel HPC Platform Specification

The Intel HPC Platform Specification applies a recommended combination of compute, fabric, memory/storage, and software elements in a balanced system and is the fundamental requirement for all Intel Select Solutions for high performance computing (HPC). Once ready for validation, community partners use the Intel® Cluster Checker tool to confirm functionality.

See Intel HPC Platform Specification

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