External Memory Interface Resources for Stratix® Series FPGAs

In addition to on-chip TriMatrix memory structures, Stratix® series FPGAs feature I/O structures designed to allow the direct connection of high-performance external memories. Over time, Stratix series FPGAs have progressed from DDR SDRAM operating at 400 Mbps to DDR3 SDRAM operating at 1600 Mbps. A full listing and comparison of the supported memory interface types for all Intel® high-end FPGAs is available on Intel's External Memory Solutions Center.

Table 1 lists all the relevant resources and downloads needed to assist in the interfacing of Stratix series FPGAs to external memory devices.

Table 1. Stratix Series External Memory Resources



External Memory Handbook

External memory interfaces including DDR, DDR2, DDR3, QDR II/QDR II+, and RLDRAM II provide caching or data storage space in the majority of end systems featuring FPGAs.

IP MegaStore* Web Page

This web page links to different intellectual property (IP) cores provided by Intel® FPGA and our partners. The web page also allows you to search for an IP core of your interest.

External Memory Design Examples

This page contains design examples for developing external memory solutions on Intel® FPGA products.


Web page providing board design-related resources for Intel® FPGA devices.

IBIS Models

Web page listing of all the IBIS models for Intel® FPGA devices.

Debug GUI User Guide

User guide for the debug GUI.

Debug GUI

A .zip file that contains the debug GUI.

Timing Analyzer

Provides links and resources to learn more about the Timing Analyzer.

Board Design Guidelines Solution Center

Web page providing board design-related resources for Intel® FPGA devices.