The Intel® Xeon® Bronze processors delivers entry performance for small business and basic storage servers. Hardware-enhanced reliability, availability, and serviceability features designed to meet the needs of these entry solutions.

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Intel® Xeon® Bronze 3106 Processor

  • 11 MB L3 Cache
  • 8 Cores
  • 8 Threads
  • 85.0 W Max TDP
  • 1.70 GHz Clock Speed
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Intel® Xeon® Bronze 3104 Processor

  • 8.25 MB L3 Cache
  • 6 Cores
  • 6 Threads
  • 85.0 W Max TDP
  • 1.70 GHz Clock Speed
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With double the flops per clock cycle compared to previous generation Intel® AVX23, boost performance for your most demanding computational tasks in applications such as modelling and simulation, data analytics and machine learning, data compression, visualization and digital content creation.

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New enhancements deliver advanced RAS (reliability, availability and serviceability) and server uptime for your most critical workloads. Hardware-assisted capabilities diagnose and recover from previously fatal errors, and also help ensure data integrity within the memory subsystem.

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Provide a common, robust method of hot plug and LED management for NVMe-based SSDs (Intel® Optane™ SSDs and Intel® 3D NAND SSDs).

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A suite of platform security technologies that address the numerous, increasing, and evolving security threats across physical and virtual infrastructures.

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Integrated Products

Intel® QAT enables hardware acceleration for cryptography and data compression, freeing the host processor to focus on other critical workloads.

High speed integrated data interconnect fabric for cost-effective deployment of HPC clusters.

Provides up to 4x10GbE high speed ethernet capability for high data throughput and low latency workloads, reducing total system cost, power consumption and network latency1. Ideal for software-defined storage solutions, NVM Express* over fabric solutions and virtual machine migrations.

Product and Performance Information


Network latency and throughput data were collected with select performance tool and workload compared to equivalent non-RDMA latency and throughput data with Intel® Ethernet Controller X710 on the same server platforms under the same settings and conditions. Cost and power consumption savings are based on the estimation with comparison to Intel® Ethernet Controller XL710 on formerly known Grantly platform.