Intel® Deep Insight Network Analytics Software

See what every packet is doing—to the nanosecond.

Visualize Every Packet’s Path

Intel® Deep Insight Network Analytics Software is the first solution to satisfy the four ground truths for every packet in the network and server.

Four Ground Truths

1. How did the packet get here?

Understand the sequence of devices it visited on its path.

2. Why is the packet here?

Know the set of rules it satisfied at every device on the way.

3. How long was the packet delayed?

See the time it spent buffered in every switch—to the nanosecond.

4. Why was the packet delayed?

Visualize the packets, flows, and applications it shared with each queue.

Revolutionize Your Network and Server Performance Monitoring


Observe every packet from every switch and router in the network and server, in band at line rate.

Interpret and Pinpoint

Run on commodity servers and interpret, analyze, and pinpoint—in real time—the many conditions that impede packet flow.

Baseline and Track

See the path and latency for every packet in your network and server.

Detect and Report

Enable an intelligent, flexible triggering mechanism to detect and report events in real time, with nanosecond accuracy.

Track and Monitor

Identify every packet drop to know when, why, where, and to whom it happened.

Try Intel® Deep Insight Network Analytics Software

Trial licenses are available for the Intel® Deep Insight Network Analytics Software, so you can see the value of its features and develop a proof of concept before purchasing a license. A full license will enable you to develop better solutions.

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