Intel® Connectivity Advanced Online Videos

P4: Research to Production @ Intel

SIGCOMM 2021 Sponsor Session (Free, non-subscription video)

Learn about the exciting research Intel is doing around the P4 programming language and also how to find employment opportunities at Intel.

Intel® Connectivity Education Hub is proud to present its new program: Intel® Connectivity Advanced Online Videos (formerly Barefoot Educational Advanced Courses ON-line - BEACON). Intel® Connectivity Advanced Online Videos will provide you access to high-quality video presentations and corresponding materials using a simple subscription model with a low monthly payment.

These videos will allow you to study advanced topics in P4 language, Intel® Tofino™ Architecture and Intel® P4 Studio SDE in the convenience of your home or office and at your own pace. As with any other video course, you can easily rewind, speed up, or slow down the presentation to fit your individual needs. Obviously, there is no restriction on how many times you can watch it. If you have any questions, you will be able to submit them to


Frequently Asked Questions

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Individual subscription starts at $98.00 per month. You can also choose a semi-annual subscription ($490 paid every 6 months) that gives a full year subscription for the price of only 10 months. A yearly subscription ($890/year) provides you even more savings, giving you a yearly subscription for the price of 9 months.

We also offer company-wide subscriptions.