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Intel has spun out the Omni-Path business to Cornelis Networks, an independent Intel Capital portfolio company. Cornelis Networks will continue to serve and sell to existing and new customers by delivering leading purpose-built high-performance network products for high performance computing and artificial intelligence. Intel believes Cornelis Networks will expand the ecosystem of high-performance fabric solutions, offering options to customers building clusters for HPC and AI based on Intel® Xeon™ processors. Additional details on the divestiture and transition of Omni-Path products can be found at

Intel® Omni-Path Host Fabric Interface (Intel® OP HFI) Products

  • Provides congestion control and QoS
  • Deliver performance that scales with high node and core counts
  • Support 100Gbps per port

Intel® Omni-Path Edge Switch (Intel® OP Edge Switch) Products

  • Create fabrics that meet the needs of the most demanding set of applications
  • Include 24- and 48-port switches
  • Combine 48-port with other switches and directors to build large multi-tier fabrics

Intel® Omni-Path Director Class Switch (Intel® OP Director Class Switch) Products

  • Director switches - up to 1,152 ports in 20U or 288 ports in 7U
  • Optimized performance for high performance computing (HPC) and AI workloads
  • Maintains low end-to-end latency at scale

Intel® Omni-Path Director (Intel® OP Director) Modules

  • Scales with high node and core counts
  • Supports 100Gbps per port
  • Ideal for demanding application environments

Intel® Omni-Path Fabric (Intel® OP Fabric) Software Components

  • Intel® Omni-Path Fabric (Intel® OP Fabric) host Software
  • Intel® Omni-Path Fabric (Intel® OP Fabric) suite
  • Intel® Omni-Path Fabric (Intel® OP Fabric) manager GUI

Intel® Omni-Path Cable (Intel® OP Cable) Products

  • Support optical and copper types in numerous lengths
  • Provide highly reliable communication links
  • Deliver bit error rate (BER) performance

How to Buy – Start Building Clusters

Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® OPA) delivers the performance for today's high performance computing (HPC) workloads and the ability to scale to tens of thousands of nodes-and eventually more-delivering significant price-performance advantages compared to today's fabric. Contact an Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® OPA) expert about your high performance computing (HPC) Fabric needs today.

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Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® OPA) Performance and Solution Value

Learn where Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® OPA) is powering some of the world’s most advanced research, from massively parallelized workloads to scaled AI systems at top high performance computing (HPC) sites across the globe.

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High Performance Computing (HPC) Fabric Builders

Intel® Omni-Path Fabric (Intel® OP Fabric) has a robust architecture and feature set to meet the current and future demands of high performance computing (HPC) at a cost-competitive price to today's fabric. Fabric builders members are working to enable world-class solutions based on the Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® OPA) with a goal of helping end users build the best environment to meet their HPC needs.

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