SSD - Intel® Solid State Drives

Learn about the technologies being developed to drive innovations in storage.

Data Center

Future-proof the enterprise infrastructure with extraordinary performance and reliability.


Get light weight, power efficiency, and performance—optimized for consumer devices. Unlike traditional hard drives, there are no moving parts.


Reliable, power-efficient performance with enterprise-ready security and manageability capabilities. Built for business. Engineered for IT.


Small form factor and highly stable design allow flexible data storage in a wide variety of devices. Built for embedded applications and IoT solutions.

Intel® Solid State Drive Technology

Learn about the technology that powers Intel® Solid State Drives.

Intel® Optane™ Technology

A revolutionary memory and storage technology to deliver unparalleled performance and new computing possibilities across a breadth of markets.

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Intel® QLC Technology

The latest in Intel® 3D NAND Technology to deliver an architecture designed for higher capacity and optimal performance.

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EDSFF*-Based Intel® DC SSDs

A new array of data center form factors designed from the ground up for scalable solutions, increased operational efficiency at scale, and space-efficient capacity.

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