Intel Gateways

Sensors and devices at the network edge have created profound opportunity to gather data and manage processes remotely. Intel Gateways are a scalable, security-enabled intermediary between those devices—called the Internet of Things (IoT)—and the cloud, and helps control Internet, voice and video, home automation, security systems, energy, and other services.

Provide consumers with advanced connectivity and control of the home—including security, remote access to HVAC, home automation, and entertainment.

Turn data into valuable, actionable insight with near-real-time analysis, efficient process controls, and lower transmission costs.


Improve services, lower costs, and maintain business continuity by improving remote access and infrastructure management—from service provider operations centers and telco central offices (CO) to neighborhood DSLAMs and distribution points.

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Home Networking

Deliver new kinds of content, manage in-home networks, and support smart home services.


Increase supply chain efficiencies, develop new services, and reshape the customer experience.

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Remotely manage and monitor in-vehicle compute, data, and artificial intelligence in connected and self-driving cars, intelligent transportation, and logistics systems.

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