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Swarm64 Solution

Learn the benefits of the Swarm64 solution.

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Swarm64SDA – Seamless plug-in.

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Intel® Arria® 10 FPGAs

Swarm64 solution featuring Intel® Arria® 10 FPGAs.

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Super Computing 2017

Swarm64 featured at Super Computing 2017.

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IT Data Center

FPGAs bring flexibility and adaptability to IT data center.

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Software Defined Hardware

Accelerating compute with software defined hardware.

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Accelerating Data Analytics

Intel® FPGAs accelerating data analytics.

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Data Analytics

Data Analytics accelerated by Intel® FPGAs.

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CNN Implementation Using an FPGA and OpenCL™ Software Technology1

This is a power-efficient machine learning demo of the AlexNet convolutional neural networking (CNN) topology on Intel® FPGAs.

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Ericsson, Attala Systems, and Intel Demonstrate High-Performance Composable Storage Infrastructure

Learn how the combination of Attala systems solution and the Ericsson system gives unprecedented performance by leveraging the flexibility and innovation of the Intel® FPGAs.

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1 OpenCL and the OpenCL logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. used by permission by Khronos.