Intel-Enabled Vendors

This section includes supplier information for Intel-enabled rPGA socket vendors for the mobile Intel® Core™ processor family.

Validation Report (Rev. 1.0) is available upon request to each validated socket supplier. These suppliers may produce both Intel-enabled and non-Intel-enabled solutions. Any suppliers or the sockets with part numbers not listed here are not validated by Intel. Please work with suppliers to ensure the same quality as validated.

Note: End-users are responsible for the verification of the component offerings with the supplier. OEM and system integrators are responsible for thermal, mechanical, and environmental validation of these solutions.

Intel-enabled rPGA947 socket


Part number





rPGA947: PZ94726-3641-41H
rPGA947T2: PZ94727-3632-41H

Eric Ling

503-693-3509 ext. 225


rPGA947: AZIF0012-P001B

Cathy Yang

+86-20-84686519 ext. 219



Alex Yeh


Intel-enabled rPGA988/989 socket

Supplier Part number Contact Phone Email
Foxconn rPGA988A: PZ98827-364A-01F
rPGA988B: PZ98827-364B-01F
rPGA989: PZ98927-36P3-01H
Eric Ling 503-693-3509 ext. 225
Tyco rPGA988A: 1-2013620-2
rPGA988B: 2-2013620-1
rPGA989: 2013620-1
Billy Hsieh +886-2-8768-2788 x617
Molex rPGA988A: 479890232
rPGA988B: 479890332
rPGA989: 479890532
Scott Sommers 630-969-4550