Scale It Up to Make the Most of Your Network

Intel’s Gary Gumanow discusses how to maximize the throughput of Ethernet networks with the right combination of products.



Hi, this is Gary Gigabit Gumanow. Upgrading to a new service system can be complicated. With all the options out there, how do you know what's right for your business critical applications? At Intel, we're trying to make it easier with something that we call Scale It Up. Most customers start with a server processor, but making changes to the other components within the server can have a huge impact on overall applications scaling and performance.

Let's take a closer look. If you are still running a 1 gigabit network, you're limiting both processor and storage potential. You don't want to shift your servers down to 1 gigabit ethernet, when they're capable of running much more. 10, 25, even 100 ethernet. SATA is a bus with many starts and stops, but NVMe is a direct connection that speeds data to the processor and out through the network.

Over the years, I've consistently seen IT Investment priorities fall into these three categories. You can get a 4x improvement in virtual machine scaling when you balance compute, storage, and networking. Virtualization is also a huge boon to help customers improve utilization and reduce costs.

What could be done with 11 servers in the past can now be done with three. The right configurations can increase virtual machine density and database performance, while also reducing solution in virtual machine costs. And Intel Xeon platforms can do even more. We encourage customers to take advantage of the available cost savings.

There are many things to consider when choosing products to mitigate risk. Intel ticks those boxes one after another. So why scale it up with Intel? Our broad portfolio of products provides options that allow you to take a staged approach to system upgrades Intel products give customers the peace of mind that they have a trusted partner for years to come.

And most importantly, Intel wants you to get the most from your server system upgrades. So check out our configuration tool at Compare processor, storage, and network options and quickly see how even small changes can impact performance. Unleash your server potential and come scale it up with us. This is Gary Gigabit Gumanow. Until next time.