High Accuracy Network Timing with Intel® Ethernet Network Adapter XXV710-DA2T

Animation illustrating how you can synchronize the cloud to 5G edge with the Intel® Ethernet Network Adapter XXV710-DA2T. It delivers the phase accuracy edge networks demand.


Today's network demands precision time synchronization. Without it, calls and video streams drop. Control systems lose control. Machines that need to work in concert clash. Keeping things in sync across networks from the cloud to the 5G edge takes a whole new level of time control.

The Intel ethernet network adapter XXV710-DA2T, codenamed Edgewater Channel, with hardware-enhanced IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol version 2, delivers the phase accuracy edge networks demand. Its onboard clock delivers up to 2,500 times greater precision than standard ethernet clocks. Two coaxial jacks can be used for sinking or cascading one pulse per second signals with other devices, and for auditing performance on each node.

Here are the time signals from two servers, synchronized by the Edgewater Channel adapters via ethernet. The master is yellow. The client is green. You can see that their signals are very tightly aligned, well within 20 nanoseconds. That's 20 billionths of a second.

If we turn sync off, the client starts to drift. The error grows. But it's within 50 nanoseconds of the master. With synchronization back on, the servers come back into phase immediately.

That precision synchronization makes Edgewater Channel the right adapter for Edge devices on 5G networks, location services, smart energy grids, financial services, and industrial control systems. Get complete product details at intel.com/ethernet.