Intel® Connectivity Academy Online Course

Intel Connectivity Academy is proud to announce the formation if its XFG Department, dedicated to teaching courses covering the Tofino™ Family of Intelligent Fabric Processors(IFP). The department offers world-class, instructor-led training courses, that cover a range of topics from introduction to basic concepts of data plane programming all the way to advanced P4 programming techniques. All courses include hands-on labs and are designed to be conducted either in-person or online. The courses are organized into several levels, based on the required pre-requisites. The preparatory level is optional. The courses at the same level can be taken individually and independently from each other as needed to achieve specific educational goals. The courses have different duration, measured in units. Each unit consists of 2 hours of lectures accompanied by hands-on lab work. When taught online, the course is split into multiple 1-unit sessions conducted over several days. When taught in-person, each day of training covers 2 units.