Product and Performance Information


Partners in the NEXTGenIO project are:

  • Arctur: Expertise in industrial workloads contributed by this HPC computer center specializing in supporting small and medium enterprises
  • ARM/Allinea: Developer of leading-edge profiling tools which include information on I/O and NVRAM performance
  • Barcelona Supercomputing Center: Develops optimized file system and object store middleware for the NEXTGenIO system and contributes machine-learning workloads
  • EPCC at the University of Edinburgh: Develops system software for data-ware scheduling, contributes simulation applications and works on application characterization
  • European Centre For Medium-Range Weather Forecasts: Develops a workload generation tool and contributes the complex medium-range weather prediction workflow
  • Fujitsu: Provides hardware-related HPC expertise, leveraging a development team and production facilities in Augsburg, Germany
  • Intel: Provides NVRAM and system technology, leads workload characterization and benchmarking
  • Technical University of Dresden: Develops leading tools that provide unprecedented detail regarding I/O and NVRAM behavior