Leaders on Leaders: Scaling Intel’s IDM 2.0 Strategy to Meet Global Demand

Our Vision for Manufacturing & Execution:

  • Intel is executing Intel’s bold IDM 2.0 strategy to design, manufacture and deliver next-generation computing innovations that satisfy soaring global demand and shape where it’s going next.

  • Intel is stepping up execution, scaling manufacturing capacity and optimizing our supply chain to anticipate and meet our customers’ current and future needs.

  • These moves will enable Intel’s ongoing PC innovations, including 11th Gen Core family of processors, the upcoming Alder Lake launch and future leadership products.


In the “Leaders on Leaders” video series, Gregory Bryant, Intel SVP and GM, Client Computing Group, discusses the future of PC innovation with experts from across the ecosystem. Hear Gregory sit down with Keyvan Esfarjani, EVP and GM, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Operations at Intel, to talk about Intel’s IDM 2.0 advantage and how Intel is evolving its execution to meet the global demands.

With the digitization of everything around us, silicon is now at the heart of everything people do. Businesses are digitizing, data needs are skyrocketing, and people are turning to the PC to accomplish the things that matter most to them. The demand for semiconductors has never been greater, and the stakes for our industry have never been higher.

Intel is uniquely positioned with the design expertise, manufacturing scale and ecosystem relationships to not just meet demand but help shape where it goes next. To lead in this new era, Intel's bold IDM 2.0 strategy will massively expand our manufacturing capacity, deliver next-generation leadership products and engage our customers, partners and the ecosystem to build the future of computing.

Keyvan Esfarjani, EVP and GM, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Operations, leads the Intel team in charge of executing that vision. With more than 30,000 team members worldwide, Intel’s manufacturing, supply chain and operational capabilities have joined as one team pursuing one mission: go faster and deliver more for our partners and customers.

In this “Leaders on Leaders” conversation, Keyvan sat down with Gregory Bryant, SVP and GM, of Intel’s Client Computing Group, to discuss this mission. This includes investing more than $23.5 billion in new mega-scale factories, optimizing Intel’s supply chain and enabling leadership products like the world’s best gaming laptop processor1 (11th Gen H-Series processors), and how the team is rallying together to execute flawlessly and deliver new technologies to customers and partners around the globe.

Progress is already moving faster than expected. Watch the conversation to hear how Keyvan sees the current surge in demand, the future of the semiconductor industry and how Intel is uniquely positioned to drive ecosystem innovation with IDM 2.0.

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